Management game inspired by the Set-Based Concurrent Engineering

SBCEgame is a management game funded by the European LeamPPD project, that aims to raise awareness of the design template Set-Based Concurrent Engineering (SBCE), Lean approach ( “lean”) introduced by Toyota.
The ESCB approach, which has enabled Toyota to raise its competitiveness in the car market, can be applied to all operational processes (not just those strictly industrial but also logistical, administrative, or product design and development). The aims of such approach are to reduce waste and optimize resources. The concept of Lean Thinking comes from an abstraction of Toyota’s ESBC approach highlighting that the lean should not only be a method to apply, but above all a mindset. The highly innovative nature of the SBCE method, which represents the overcoming of the classic methods, however, is also its greatest application obstacle. SBCEgame, the first game available on the topic, aims to overcome this obstacle. SBCEgame is, indeed, a teaching-learning tool through which academics and industry can touch and experience the principles, philosophy and practices of the Set-Based Concurrent Engineering. The Politecnico di Milano is the game owner and responsible for its sale under license. The game has already been sold in Europe, USA and Japan.