Have you ever thought about protecting your ideas? Have you ever felt the need to learn more about a sensitive issue such as intellectual property? THEOREM is the new outreach program and training on Intellectual Property for students, researchers and new creative entrepreneurs interested in protecting and developing their ideas.

Organized by the TTO of the Poitecnico di Milano, PoliHub and Fondazione Politecnico, THEOREM‘s goal is to promote and spread the knowledge of Intellectual Property by providing participants with the necessary tools to orient themselves within the regulatory and business environment. THEOREM aims also to facilitate the access to the market of well-informed startups in terms of protecting their intellectual property rights and to raise awareness on Intellectual Property in the new generations of engineers, architects and designers.

The program consists of a series of workshops held by teachers and experts who will talk about the fundamental aspects concerning design issues, copyrights, trademarks and patents.

2nd Appointment: SOFTWARE and COPYRIGHT Tuesday 22nd May, 2:00 pm  – Go to the link to see the PROGRAM – Go to the REGISTRATION link to the event