HOT PLATE by NanoCarbon-Up

The carbon chemistry in our homes: carbon allotropes for innovative induction cooking plans

Carbon black, mainly used in the rubber industry, is widely used also as a pigment: patins and inks. However, in order to prepare stable dispersions in different matrices, it needs functional groups. The functionalization based on the NanoCarbon-Up technology allows the preparation of stable dispersions of carbon black  (and of other carbon allotropes), in water and environmentally friendly solvents, for the preparation of materials with intimate and stable interaction between allotropes and polymer matrices, without altering the structure and properties of allotropes. This functionalization process opens the doors to a wide range of carbon allotropic applications so far only hypothesized. This innovative technology has been developed by the research team of Professor Maurizio Galibmerti at the Department of Chemistry, Materials and Chemical Engineering “Giulio Natta” in collaboration with several companies, market-leader in their field. Among the various successful applications, the more recent is that for the induction hobs. Thanks to the the exceptional mechanical and thermal properties of the functionalized carbon black, has been created an unique cooking plan: HOT PLATE, capable of passing from 0 ° C to 290 ° C in only 120 seconds. This product has been presented at the “Host, the International Salon of Professional Hospitality, an event that took place at Fieramilano Exhibition Center in Rho from 23 to 27 October 2017.