Multipurpose Unit

Emergency Tent

Multipurpose unit is a multi-function tent for emergencies. It consists of a modular textile structure with vertical walls. The main components are a supporting metal structure to which it is hung from inside the textile compartment and from the outside it is integrated an additional textile shading layer. The concept is based on the idea of developing a multi-use joint, designed to allow the creation of various possible architectures. In this way, the multipurpose unit, in addition to being lighter to transport and quick to install, is adaptable to the various needs and nature of the territory. It is a structure that can be implemented over time and can also be used in the stages post-emergence. The idea came from a group of researchers from the Department of Architecture, Construction Engineering and Built Environment of Politecnico di Milano and was developed within a European project (Speedkits) aimed at giving effective responses to people affected by serious disasters and humanitarian crises. In collaboration with the International Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders, the first prototypes have already been sent to Burkina and Senegal Burkina and environmental monitoring is ongoing. Recently a license agreement was signed with a leader Italian company in the field of emergency equipment.