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Wearable performance technology for swimmers
Giuseppe Andreoni - DESIGN Department

A wearable performance technology for swimmers, a swimsuit with sensors able to detect the heart rate and other athlete’s performance data.

The swimsuit is equipped with two electrodes that collect the heart rate and identify the metabolic range of the swimmer.

The device consists of two main components:

  • The swimsuit with sensors. The electrodes are sewn into the fabric and can detect the heart rate of the swimmer. The parameters are sent to by cable the “brain”, a wearable device that processes the data.
  • The “brain” of the system it is applied on the swimsuit and provided with an accelerometer that helps to determine swimmer’s stroke by identifying various parameters. All data are then sent to an outside platform through a simple user interface.

The core technology consists of a small device that is connected to the swimsuit which includes:

  • an accelerometer that can detect the movements of the swimmer on three axes x, y, z;
  • a processor that processes the data coming from the electrodes and from the accelerometer;
  • three rechargeable batteries;
  • a transmitter that sends the data collected on the outside of the pool.

The device was developed for the observation and real-time monitoring of specific parameters in sport and integrates with one device a performance monitoring and a heart rate detection system. Another advantage of the invention is the ability to send the collected data in real time from outside the pool.